Fun Bunch Soccer
A soccer league for kids with cognitive and developmental disabilities.



Fun Bunch Soccer League is driven by the belief that ALL children, those with and
without disabilities, need a place to belong- something to be a part of.  These kids are given
the opportunity to find their niche and to ultimately flourish with practice, competition, and friendship with teammates.  Going to a class or taking a clinic is not the same as being on a team. Fun Bunch is built on the foundation of teamwork; it is a team of soccer players who happen to have developmental differences.  Identifying with your peers and teammates is a powerful thing in regards to the development of a child.  We all know this,
and it is time for children with differences to have that same opportunity.

Fun Bunch Youth programs are 100% free for all players.  

Fun Bunch Soccer is a program of Devenio, Inc. a 501c3 non-profit organization
in the DC metro area.

Our team of advisors share their knowledge and guidance so that we are training our players to be the best that they can be.  Fun Bunch Soccer is committed to staying current in the world of soccer, to fully include our players in the game and on the pitch.  

 Brian Wiese, Georgetown Men's Head Soccer Coach

Brian Wiese, Georgetown Men's Head Soccer Coach

Brian Weise

"Soccer is a sport that builds so many skills and abilities, and brings people of all kinds together. Fun Bunch taps into those values, which I believe are unique to our sport, and that's why I love being part of it. It's been a wonderful experience for me, my kids and their friends, because the soccer pitch is where we all find common ground."
Brian's full bio. 

 James Davin, Executive Director and founding member Player Progression Academy (PPA).

James Davin, Executive Director and founding member Player Progression Academy (PPA).

 Matthew Curran, Special Educator MCPS and MSI Coach.

Matthew Curran, Special Educator MCPS and MSI Coach.

Jamie Davin

"As a lifelong player and now coach, soccer has always been my passion. Working with soccer players with special needs in high school gave me an introduction to how sports can positively impact all players, and I'm excited to help Fun Bunch further their mission."  James' full bio. 

Matthew Curran

"I feel fortunate to be on the Fun Bunch team.  Helping children understand that they can be more and do more than they realize is important to me.  Fun Bunch achieves this every time they step on the field."  
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Together, with the support of our partner, we are able to serve over one hundred and twenty-five players with cognitive and developmental disabilities, and over ninety student volunteers.  Together, we create change.




Bethesda, MD. – September 21, 2016 - Devenio, Inc. is thrilled to announce Bethesda Soccer Club as its first Fun Bunch team sponsor.  Devenio is a two-year-old non-profit benefitting developmental disability groups and their communities. One of devenio’s most successful programs is Fun Bunch, a soccer program for children with special needs.

“It is very exciting to have an elite soccer program such as Bethesda Soccer Club as our first club sponsor. As a premier club, they are training leaders on the field and now with the addition of a Fun Bunch team, they are showing their commitment to building strong community leaders as well.  We look forward to having Bethesda SC players participating in Fun Bunch and taking pride in working with our players, who will be wearing the Bethesda logo along with the Fun Bunch name, “ says Gena Mitchell, president and founder of devenio.

Fun Bunch, a free soccer league for children with special needs ages 5 to 17, was created five years ago by Mitchell, and her husband, Brian.  It has grown from six kids in their first season to three teams with 100 rostered players.

Mitchell comments, “This is great news for our current players as well as those who live in other regions in the DMV.  Devenio will use the Bethesda Soccer Fun Bunch team sponsorship as a model for working with other clubs in the DC metro area to further expand the Fun Bunch league.  Also, with the generosity of the Maryland Soccerplex, this new team will be practicing on a top quality field at one of best soccer facilities in the county and the nation.”

"We at Bethesda Soccer Club are excited to become a partner with devenio through our sponsorship of a Fun Bunch Team.  I consider this an opportunity to become a stronger member and contributor in the community and to best serve Bethesda SC members to develop not only at the next level of soccer, but also the next level of social responsibility.  Having had our first successful soccer camp this past July for kids with special needs, a Fun Bunch team is timely and we are looking forward to watching their players enjoy the game of soccer with their teammates," says Brad Roos, Executive Director of Bethesda Soccer Club.

Bethesda Soccer Club is a Premier Travel and Youth Development Program based on Montgomery County, MD, outside Washington, DC.  Bethesda SC maintains a rich soccer landscape with over 75 boys’ and girls’ teams from ages U8 through U19 competing in various leagues in MD, VA and Region 1.To learn more about the Bethesda Soccer Club please visit .

For additional information about Fun Bunch and devenio, inc, go to:  Contact: Gena Mitchell, president and founder at devenio, inc. or .

Bethesda, MD. – May 2, 2016 - Devenio, Inc., the newly formed non-profit, benefitting Down syndrome and other developmental disability groups, is thrilled to announce the expansion of the Fun Bunch soccer team for children with developmental disabilities, now in Prince George’s County.

“We all know that participation in organized sports promotes self discipline, social skills, teamwork, healthy habits and sportsmanship, yet there are very limited opportunities for our kids with special needs to join an actual team. “ Says Gena Mitchell, President & Founder of devenio, inc. “Fun Bunch was created with that goal in mind and now with a roster of fifty two players and growing, it is obvious that we are filling a need in the community.”

The Fun Bunch soccer team for children with special needs ages 5-16 years old was created five years ago by Mitchell, and her husband, Brian. Community partnerships and support continue to be critical in the expansion of Fun Bunch since it is free for all players. New corporate sponsor, Handwriting Without Tears as well as a field donation by Marlboro Soccer Academy/Future Soccer Club have accelerated the expansion of the Prince George’s County Fun Bunch team now set to begin practice on Saturday, May 14, 2016.  Full press release.

Bethesda, MD. – April 30, 2016 - Devenio, Inc., the newly formed non-profit, benefitting Down syndrome and other developmental disability groups, is thrilled to announce the expansion  of a second team for their Fun Bunch soccer program for children with special needs.

“At devenio’s core, we are about inspired community building, and that is what we are doing with Fun Bunch. Not only are our players learning how to play soccer on a team, our volunteers are also learning about differences and how those differences may not be the barriers one might assume.  Acceptance and inclusion do not just happen.  They are formed by experiences and that is what is occurring on our field. “  Says Gena Mitchell, President & Founder of devenio.
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