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“Sport changes the person with disability in an equally profound way by empowering persons with disabilities to realize their full potential and advocate for changes in society.”  –United Nations, enable, “Disability and Sports”

Why is sponsorship important?

Fun Bunch is a soccer team for players who have developmental differences. Sports are a critical piece in childhood development, not only to physical health, but also in improved academic achievement, higher self-esteem, fewer behavioral problems, and better social abilities. Fun Bunch is driven by the belief that ALL children, those with and without disabilities, should have access to sports and the accompanying feeling of belonging - being a part of something.  With Fun Bunch, these children are given an opportunity to flourish through the practice, competition, friendship, and belonging that a team environment provides.

By being a sponsor of Fun Bunch, your organization directly creates an opportunity for all children to learn the important values that are gained from being a part of team: good sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership. We all strive to lead socially responsible organizations and by sponsoring a Fun Bunch team, you are sending the message to your entire organization that you value individuals with developmental differences.  This is an opportunity to lead by example.  

“I love soccer! I am able to fit in here!” -Fun Bunch player

Sponsor Commitment & Benefits:

Financial cost

  • $2,000 the first year of sponsorship, used to start up the team (marketing, equipment, uniforms, etc)

  • $500 for each year after initial year, used for uniform supplements, equipment, etc.

  • Sponsorship is tax deductible


  • Potential to involve players or employees without disabilities as buddies or other volunteer opportunities at tournaments or sessions.

  • Possible field donation or other equipment usage- as applicable.

Press releases/ Marketing

  • Organization will be listed in press release citing your organization as a sponsor as well as additional releases about the entire Fun Bunch program.

  • Potential for contribution of quotes / anecdotes for press releases.

  • Logo on Fun Bunch website

Team name

  • The team name will reference the sponsoring organization name, e.g. “Fun Bunch [sponsor name] Soccer Club”.  Organization logo on back of team jerseys.

What does Devenio, inc provide to the partnership?

Fun Bunch is a program of devenio, inc, a 501(c)3 organization which inspires community building through partnerships that provide lifelong opportunities for people with Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities.  


  • Devenio identifies team manager and additional buddy volunteers.

  • SSL opportunities are provided for student volunteers.


  • Handling and hiring of coaches for each team.

Team Management

  • Management of team logistics: practices, fields, equipment, adult and student volunteers.

  • Press releases and marketing for each team.

Ready to be a sponsor?

To become a sponsor, please email to secure a team!

It really is amazing what you have created with Fun Bunch.  It benefits so many kids all around, and we are so happy our daughter was able to get involved from the start.  She had a lot of fun today, and always is happy after she attends Fun Bunch.” - parent of a volunteer buddy

Fun Bunch Soccer is a program of Devenio, inc. a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to creating and launching collaborative projects to support inspired community building for people with disabilities and their communities at large.